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Malignant Melanoma

For comprehensive information about malignant melanoma please follow this link, although several of the other sections on the Dermnet website are worth a look too:



Dermoscopy is a method of examination that uses polarised or non-polarised light to look into the depths of a tumour and recognise growth patterns associated with different benign and malignant tumours.  In trained hands it increases the accuracy of diagnosis thus improving our ability to recognise important tumours and avoid unnecessary excisions.  I have been using dermoscopy as an aid to diagnosis for over 10 years.  For comprehensive information please follow this link:


Sun Protection

For comprehensive advice with links to information about clothing and sunscreens follow this link:


Skin Self-Examination

People at risk of skin cancer and melanoma should develop a routine for examining their own skin regularly. This is a link to the relevant section on Dermnet which links further from that page to a very useful video of "how to examine your own skin". That link is found under "Related information" at the bottom of the page